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Online Bookings

Choose whether you would like to book daytime sessions (assets tab), overnight sessions (appointments tab) or guided group classes (classes tab) and you will be taken to the specific booking page for each service.

Day Sessions

Choose from 4 very comfortable recliners and book for either a 2hr, 3hr or 4hr session(s).

Choose from 2 very comfortable Long Single Beds and book for either a 2hr, 3hr or 4hr session(s).

Overnight Sessions

Book an overnight session which runs from 9pm - 7am. Maximum of 5 people in a room. You have the room to yourself and your group.

Group Classes

This class runs for 1hr and is a guided group meditation session in our EESystem led by  our amazing Suzy

This class runs for 1hr and is a group energy healing session in our EESystem facilitated by our amazing Suzy who is a gifted Intuitive Healer.

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