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  • What is the Energy Enhancement System?
    The Energy Enhancement System (EE System) is technology that creates an enhanced scalar energy field by generating multiple bio-active “scalar waves.” It generates morphogenic energy fields that can promote overall wellness. A Scalar wave is known as a fifth-dimensional non-linear wave. Third-dimensional laws of nature do not bind the scalar wave. Thus scalar waves function in a self-referral and self-generating manner. They are unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter. When the human body enters a scalar wave field, the electromagnetic field of the individual becomes excited. This catalyzes the mind/body complex to return to a more optimal state. Cells in the human body, when functioning at their maximum health potential, range between 70-90 millivolts. The non-linear (Scalar) waves move through the matrix of the body via the crystalline structures within each cell. These crystalline structures are capable of holding a charge. This charge begins the process of increasing the cell’s millivolt range and cellular regeneration. As the cells are charged, any toxins in the cell begin to be released from the cell. This technology gives us the ultimate fuel for our bodies, improving circulation, oxygenation, and increasing cellular energy. At this level the body can rejuvenate and restore its health and balance.
  • How many units is your Energy Enhancement System?
    We have a powerful 24 unit Energy Enhancement System.
  • What is the benefits of a 24 units system over some of the smaller unit systems?
    Healthy scalar energy fields exponentially increase with additional units and the effects are cumulative, so the more time spent in the Energy Enhancement System the “faster” the natural healing process can be. According to Dr. Michael, 24-units are especially well-suited to our 12-strand DNA.
  • What is the maximum capacity of people your room can accommodate at any one time?
    Our room can comfortably fit a maximum of 8 people, therefore it is likely you will share the room with others.
  • Does having multiple people in treatment at the same time dilute the healing capacity?
    No, having multiple people at once does not dilute the healing capacity. The EE System creates a field that can be enjoyed by as many people as can comfortably fit! Dr. Sandra believes that the more people in the room, the better. The collective energy helps to further raise the frequency in the room, therefore leading to an enhanced experience.
  • Are you apart of the UNIFYD Healing Network?
    Yes! We are proud members of the UNIFYD Healing Network! Together, we are bringing this amazing technology to the world with the help of Jason Shurka, his incredible team and all of the UNIFYD Healing Network centres.
  • How do I prepare for a session?
    Set a strong intention for what you desire to create NOT what you don’t desire to create. Example: So for health you will set your intention for health not focused on getting rid of cancer etc... but seeing your body in it's perfect state of health. "Every cell in my body is healthy and well". This is probably one of the most important points before coming into the energy room. If you need help to set a positive intention, please ask Suzy or Ken before coming to your session. Come to your session very hydrated for the best results.
  • What should I bring to my EE System Session?
    Wear light, loose clothing that is comfortable enough to sleep in. Come with clear intentions of what you want to achieve in your EE System session Bring socks and perhaps a small throw/blanket if you typically feel cold. We prefer a slightly cooler environment to facilitate deeper sleep. Please be mindful of others in the healing zone. Silence is requested since there will be people trying to meditate/sleep. No food is allowed in the Bioscalar Healing Zone. Sleep Eye Mask if you’d like complete darkness. Ear plugs if you like to rest in complete silence. Headphones for noise cancellation and to listen to your favourite meditation music. (Please download your music before your session as we ask that your phone is put in airplane mode) Blanket and pillow if you plan on sleeping or for coziness. Bring plenty of water for hydration And remember, we do request you to turn off your phones during treatment or keep in aeroplane mode.
  • What do I do while in the Healing Room?
    Quietly sitting in on of our comfortable recliners or beds, close your eyes and breathe deeply into the cells of your body this pure energy to help cleanse and activate your body to do its own healing. This tells your body, mind and spirit that you are loved and supported. Please no talking except to our team members. Stay focused on your healing. Stay hydrated during session as a lot of toxins are being released from the body.
  • What can I expect during a session?
    People have commented that they are surprised how their brain clears and how deeply relaxed they feel within minutes. Some report to have very vivid dreams and meditation states. Afterwards, many people report feeling energized, improved sleep, and simply feeling “good” and ready to conquer their week. While there may be other individuals in the system with you, we encourage you to take the time to go inward and relax. Dim lights (outside of the machines) and ambient music will set the tone to fully surrender and let go.
  • What can I expect in an overnight session?
    We will provide bedding or alternatively bring your own bedding if you wish ie. sheets/pillows/soft toys. We provide use of a refrigerator overnight if you need for any snacks. Overnight sessions are from 9am – 7am. Please ensure you arrive by 8:30pm.
  • What should I do after my session?
    Drink plenty of water. (You can add lemon or lime if you like) This will help eliminate toxins. Take a Salt Bath with equal amounts of sea salt and baking soda. We have a variety of different salt blends which are available for purchase at our centre. Do not use an Epsom Salt only bath as this does not assist in extraction of toxins. Sea salts are required for assistance of toxin extraction. Consider purchasing a hyper charged scalar enhanced bracelet/pendant to keep your aura surrounded with scalar energy while not in our Healing Zone. These products retain their charge forever. Also available for kids and pets. Wear your EE charged necklace and bracelet daily for overall wellness.
  • What are some benefits members have reported?
    Improved sleep Increased energy and physical stamina Increased calmness, peace, and harmony Improved performance, concentration, and focus Mental flexibility and clarity Elevated mood Improved response to stress Improved ability to live in “the now” Enhanced learning capabilities Improved self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love Improved immune function Improved sense of well-being Peak performance Detoxification Rejuvenation Increased creative intelligence Deep meditative relaxation Improved circulation
  • Can I bring my pet with me to my session?
    Yes, Energy Healing Hub has set aside 1 x 2hours session per week for Pets (cats and dogs only). Pets must always be accompanied by a their owner. We welcome pets overnight only as part of a Family/Group Overnight Session.
  • Why is a Sea Salt bath after EESysem session Important?
    The Salt bath cleanses the toxins from the body, so they aren’t held within the body. The body needs a way to fully excrete the toxins from the body after sessions or the toxins may remain in the body possibly causing nausea, headaches, etc.
  • Do I need to drink more water for an EESystem session?
    Yes, you do need to drink more water. Energy needs water to move and exist. It is best to drink water before, during and most importantly after the session. Helps to hydrate and remove the toxins.
  • How many sessions will I need to heal?
    A 2 hour minimum is needed to start to get the best results. In this case, more is better. Everyone's experience is different and some will feel the benefits sooner than others. It will only assist all levels of your being to continue to heal itself in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas. It’s an environment that you will love to be in as much as possible.
  • If I am a member of the UNIFYD TV Network, how do I receive my 10% discount?
    Before you book your sessions, email us at a copy of your latest receipt from UNIFYD TV. Once confirmed, we will apply the discount to your account.
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