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We offer a variety of options for use of our Energy Healing Room. You can book as an individual
or share the experience as a couple or even a family or group of 4 friends. We also offer Pet sessions on Sundays at 8am as well as overnights, and welcome children with their parents.


New Customer - Starter Pack

1 x 2 hours Group Energy Healing Session and

2 x 2 hours sessions = $300 

We highly recommend the Starter Pack for new customers, it gives you a chance to experience a removal of any energetic blocks with our owner and intuitive healer Suzy, she will provide you with a written report on where your energetic blocks are, and how to keep them from returning. The idea is to clear and balance before using the technology so that you are ready to receive the scalar energy. You then have 2 x2 hour sessions to kickstart your journey. That's 6 hours of EESystem use for just $300! (valued at $540)


Individual Sessions

2 hours = $180

4 hours = $330

We recommend 2 hours as the minimum session length for the EESystem. If booking as an individual please note that you will be sharing the room with others.


Couple Sessions
[call our office to book these sessions]

2 hours = $260

($130 per person)

4 hours = $400 

($200 per person)

Book a session with your partner or friend and receive discounted sessions. We want you to share this experience with those you care about.


9pm to 7am = $720

Please arrive by 8.30pm to allow enough time to complete your registration paperwork and answer any questions you may have prior to entering the lounge for the start of your session. Toilet & shower facilities are also available. Please bring your own towel and any toiletries you require.

Overnight Stay


Individual Sessions

3 x 2hr package


(valued at $540 with a saving of $80)

5 x 2hr package


(valued at $900 with a saving of $180)

Couples Sessions

3 x 2hr package


(valued at $780 with a saving of $160)

5 x 2hr package


(valued at $1300 with a saving of $330)

Overnight Sessions

2 x Overnights


(valued at $1440 with a saving of $220)

3 x Overnights


(valued at $2160 that's a saving of $660)


All UNIFYD TV member receive 10% off any of our services. If you are not currently a member, you can join and receive a free 7 day membership trial by using the following link:


What should I bring to my EESystem session?



Wear light, loose clothing that is comfortable enough to sleep in



Set the intention to relax, rest and rejuvinate.



Headphones for noise cancellation and to listen to your favourite meditation music. 


No Food

No food is allowed in the Bioscaler Healing Zone during your visit unless for overnight stays (fridge access is provided)



Please bring plenty of water for hydration in the form of a water bottle



Please wear sleep eye mask if  you would like complete darkness


Quiet time

Remember to turn off phones or place in aeroplane mode during treatment



Silence is requested since there will be people trying to meditate/sleep

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