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By joining up as a member to Sydney Energy Healing Hub, you are making a wonderful commitment to optimise your energetic health and experience the cumulative benefits of regular sessions inside our beautiful and powerful 24-UnitEnergy Enhancement System. Please choose the membership option that best suits your needs.

Standard Membership

ONE x 2hr Session / Month

Optimal Membership

TWO x 2hr Sessions / Month



$111 / MONTH*

*Monthly Direct Debit

Minimum 12 Month Commitment

$188 / MONTH*

*Monthly Direct Debit

Minimum 12 Month Commitment

* Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Membership Eligibility:

    • Individuals must be 18 years or older to enrol in the monthly membership program.

    • Membership is non-transferable.

  •  Enrolment and Fees:

    • Monthly membership fees will be automatically charged to the provided payment method on the designated date of enrolment each month.

    • Members are able to upgrade or downgrade their specific membership a maximum of 1 time throughout the 12 month period.

  •  Cancellation and Freezing of Membership:

    • If you change your mind shortly after applying for membership, you may have an opportunity to cancel. You will need to let us know in writing within the first 12 weeks for it to be effective.

    • If you will be unable to attend our centre due to travel commitments or poor health, we are able to place your membership on hold for a maximum of two months, after which you will continue on with your 12 month program.

  •  Changes to Membership Terms:

    • The company reserves the right to modify membership terms, fees, or benefits with prior notice to members.

  •  Termination of Membership:

    • The company may terminate a membership for violation of terms, inappropriate behaviour, or any other reason deemed necessary.

  •  Benefits and Services:

    • Members are entitled to the benefits outlined in the membership package.

      • 10% off all products if you have purchased a standard membership.

      • 20% off all products if you have purchased an optimal membership.

    • The company may add, modify, or remove benefits at its discretion.

  •  Privacy Policy:

    • The company adheres to its privacy policy, outlining the collection and use of member information.

  •  Liability

    • Sydney Energy Healing Hub is not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use the membership benefits or services.

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